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Since 2008, the Lone Star Chapter has sponsored the Texas History Educator of the Year awards.  Any Teacher from Conroe ISD, Willis ISD, Magnolia ISD, Splendora ISD, New Caney ISD or Montgomery ISD is eligible.

To be considered, a person must be an active 7th grade Texas History educator and be employed by one of the above school districts.


Any teacher wishing to be considered eligible for the award must email us at,  tell us your School District, the name of your school, and your full name. We will check your information and add you to the list.  By submitting your name, you agree to the terms and conditions of the award, shown here.


The winner educators (two every year) receive $1,000 cash, a certificate from the Lone Star SRT, free dinner for two at the Steamboat House Restaurant,  and their school receives a play for the entire 7th grade class from a professional actor on a Texas History topic .

How does the Award work?


Once an Educators name has been submitted and the information verified, the Lone Star Chapter SRT (LSSRT) will add the educator to the voters box.  One person (either a peer or a student) must submit the educator to us by voting HERE and state why he/she should be given the award.  It is voting, so the more submissions the better.  However, one single vote puts you up for consideration for that school calendar year.


Once your have been nominated by the voting process, an assigned board member of the LSSRT will come visit each educator at his/her school.  A special board meeting is held in April each year to determine the winner.  Some items considered by the board are; classroom decorations, teacher websites, and length of service.

Texas Teacher Award



Voting runs from Sept 1 to March 31 each school calendar year

Previous Winners

Previous winners of the Annual Texas History Teacher of the year awards:


2008:   Cindy Howard; Lisa Shugart;              Joyce Upshaw

2009:   Gaddieal Arrazate; Cindy                    Howard; Michael Thorson

2010:   Jackie Ingraml Cindy Howard

2011:   Glenn Janek;  Marriane                        Messinger

2012:   John Cicherski; Jessie Quick

2013:   Glenn Janek; Renee Blakeney

2014:   Penny Adams; Clayton                        Kinsfather

2015:   Erin Neal; Marriane                              Messenger

2016:   Glenn Janek; Laura Olson

2017:   John Cicherski; Leslie Sproat

2018:   Penny Adams; Brenda Craig

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